10 & 11th Oct | Excel, London
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The Medical Longevity Summit returns to CCR as a dedicated event for healthcare practitioners to promote healthier, longer lives for patients.

An area of keen interest for both aesthetic practitioners and patients alike, the Summit will explore evidence-based holistic care and wellness and how these treatments can enhance the offering of aesthetic clinics. Expect a dedicated space with brands and a theatre exploring functional, integrative, regenerative, and lifestyle treatments.

Aesthetic practitioners and alternative healthcare practitioners alike can come together to explore the latest innovations in patient care and satisfaction in a dedicated showcase area aimed at improving patient satisfaction, retention, and overall health.

Key aims of the Medical Longevity Summit

  • Educate healthcare professionals on evidence-based functional, integrative, holistic, lifestyle, and wellness treatments.
  • Promote the concept of healthy longevity, emphasising healthspan over lifespan.
  • Shift the focus from treatment to prevention, supporting longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Topic breakdown

  • Unveiling the Essence of Medical Longevity: Revolutionising Ageing and Aesthetic Clinics
  • Harmony Within: Exploring the Nexus of Nutrition, Gut Health, and Hormonal Balance
  • Unlocking the Body’s Potential: Cell Optimisation and the Full Body Approach to Regeneration
  • Lifestyle Management to Optimise Longevity

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