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19 & 20th Oct | Excel, London
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With an ageing society, it is imperative that healthcare professionals are doing everything they can to expand the healthy human lifespan by adding appropriate and supportive services to their practices. Individuals want to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible whilst feeling and looking like the best version of themselves, which is why this concept is so intertwined with aesthetic medicine.   

The two-day agenda at the Medical Longevity Summit will feature leading speakers and companies exploring the following topics, read more below.

Explore the following topics:

Introducing The Medical Longevity concept

Exploring the background of medical longevity as an emerging field that is experiencing exponential growth. This session will highlight the importance of promoting a healthy society that closes the gap between healthspan and lifespan and how healthcare professionals can expand their offerings to support patients.

Patient testing

This session will explain why testing services will provide added value to your practice, as well as how to integrate them into your business. Among the services that will be explored are: hormones, epigenetics, gut health, telomere testing, blood testing, allergies, and general health testing. 

Optimising health through nutrition

We know diet has a huge impact on healthy body function, affecting lifespan and disease as well as the way we look. This session will explore how to alter the diet to impact longevity, the science between collagen supplementation and ageing, gut health, and fasting and its impact on longevity. 

Hormonal health

In this session, the impact of hormones on ageing, longevity and quality of life will be explored with a particular focus on managing the menopausal patient for a happy, fulfilling life. Among the services that will be explored are: hormone replacement therapy and bioidentical hormones, menopausal management solutions, and other hormone therapies. 

Integrative therapies & services

This session will provide practitioners with tips, tricks and ideas on what kinds of alternative therapies and services they can add to their practice and how to integrate them into their business. Among the services that will be explored are: psychology support, body and skin analysis systems, diagnosis services, lymphatic drainage systems, and other therapies. 

Weight management

In order to support a patient through their body goals, practitioners must consider offering different advice and services to promote a holistic approach. This session will uncover how to support patients with their weight loss journey, exploring different evidence-based treatments, products and services that can be implemented in practice.   

Regenerative medicine

This session will dive into the future of regenerative medicine, the science behind the latest innovations to regenerate the skin and body and other topics. Among the services that will be explored are: exosomes, PRP, stem cells, growth factors, and more.

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