The UK’s leading medical aesthetic event

ExCeL London | 14 & 15 October 2021

The UK’s leading medical aesthetics event is back

CCR is the UK’s leading conference and exhibition for the surgical and non-surgical medical aesthetic communities. At the heart of CCR’s ethos is ‘raising industry standards’ and as such CCR brings together the world’s leading practitioners to share and learn best-practice, discover the latest clinical developments and source new products from leading global brands. CCR 2021 will be the most eagerly anticipated event in the UK medical aesthetics calendar. 

The co-location of the ISAPS Symposium UK and the ACE Group World conference makes CCR the UK’s flagship event for the surgical, dermatological and aesthetics specialities.

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What's on at CCR

With a commitment to the betterment of the aesthetics industry, CCR will bring together the aesthetics arena to re-ignite your business in a celebration of inspirational scientific and world-class clinical and business education and innovation. Navigate the links below to discover what you can find at CCR this October…

Exclusive interviews with the CCR medical advisory board and KOLs

Every month, you can read our exclusive interviews with the CCR Medical Advisory Board and industry KOLs to learn from the experts and get top tips for your clinic! 

5 minutes with… Dr Lara Watson & Dr Priya Chadha

What are the key trends you are seeing in aesthetics medicine? We’re generally seeing a much more holistic approach being adopted in facial aesthetics. Practitioners are treating from a skin-deep level all the way up to full facial contouring and rejuvenation. Generally, gone are the days of isolated treatments- people

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5 minutes with… Hannah McClune

Why is personal brand photography so important to your aesthetics business? Why is personal brand photography so important? The most important reason for having great photos is that you can show the quality of your service or product, strengthen your brand identity and it helps to attract the right type

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Mr Paul Banwell

5 minutes with… Mr Paul Banwell

How has your practice/routine changed since the coronavirus pandemic? I am surprised but everything has changed with COVID – more than I ever realised it would. The biggest impact of COVID was how to be even more discerning with my time and energy and highlighting what is important in life

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Gary Monaghan, The Cosmetic Consultants

5 minutes with… Gary Monaghan

In October, we caught up with Gary Monaghan, Director of The Cosmetic Consultants, who have over 20 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery industry, offering unique business advice on building clinics, marketing and business strategy and indemnity insurance.  Gary joined us for the ISAPS Symposium UK virtual meeting as

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