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10 & 11th Oct | Excel, London
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Aesthetic Wellness

Chair: Dr Mayoni Gooneratne

In an industry first, CCR dedicated a brand-new agenda looking at the close relationship between aesthetic medicine and wellness. Curated by Dr Mayoni Gooneratne, the founder of Human Health, our visitors discovered a new way to both benefit your patients and enhance results, while expanding your business. This agenda explored how clinics can integrate a holistic approach to human health, and the creation of the ‘future human’ who is educated in how to look and feel their very best so they can achieve their highest potential in this lifetime. With the global wellness industry estimated to be worth US $7 trillion by 2025, now is the time to think about integrating holistic services into your practice. This agenda taught us more about the wellness market and why it might have a place in your aesthetic clinic, tips for entering the wellness space, what types of treatments you should introduce, as well as the positive physical and psychological impact these treatments have on your patients.

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Please note: some of these sessions are gated to medical professionals registered on the GMC, NMC & GDC only. 

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The Club Room – Getting started in Aesthetics


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What's on at CCR

With a commitment to the betterment of the aesthetics industry, CCR brings together the aesthetics arena to re-ignite your business in a celebration of inspirational scientific and world-class clinical and business education and innovation. 



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The conference will feature expert clinical teaching as well as 2 days of dedicated business guidance
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Aesthetic Wellness

Chair: Dr Mayoni Gooneratne’s Quote

“Wellness is a real buzzword at the moment and I bet you’ve been wondering if this is something you can offer to your patients. “Absolutely yes, you are in the perfect setting to introduce the conversation of wellness to your patients, even if it is just as simple as talking about sleep. If you want to really explore the concept, please do attend the session at CCR on 14th October. I am delighted to have curated a whole host of speakers who are incredible experts in their own field, and they will be explaining how and why they deliver these services, services that you can easily plug into your own clinic. I will also be sharing my own experiences on how I have integrated this successfully into my clinic, adding value to the patients and to the business, and also providing other options for support through Human Health.”

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