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10 & 11th Oct | Excel, London
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Catch up on exclusive sessions from renowned KOLs

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CCRs 2023 - Annual Trend Report

CCR  annually presents an insightful Trends Report and hosts a comprehensive Press Conference.

This anticipated event delves into the dynamic landscape of the medical aesthetic industry, shedding light on the latest advancements and trends prevailing in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetics.

The Trends Report, curated and co-edited by renowned experts Francesca Ogiermann-White and Shannon Kilgariff, serves as a beacon within the field. Francesca Ogiermann-White, celebrated for her editorial prowess as the editor of Tatler’s esteemed annual Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide, brings a wealth of experience and a discerning eye to the report. 

Collaborating alongside Ogiermann-White is Shannon Kilgariff, a distinguished figure as the Aesthetics journal editor and Aesthetics Event Manager.

This annual report and the corresponding Press Conference serve as pivotal moments for professionals, enthusiasts, and industry stakeholders alike. It’s a platform that not only highlights emerging trends but also fosters discussions on advancements in technology, innovative treatments, patient care, and ethical considerations within the aesthetic realm.



CCR 2024

10-11 October 2024

London, UK

Due to the nature of the content, some sessions at CCR are only open to practitioners on certain medical registers. Full details will be on the website agenda. Unless stated in the title, sessions in the CCR agenda are likely to be non-sponsored. These sessions are independently created and have no affiliation with any pharmaceutical company. CPD certificates are only available to Full Aesthetics Members. 

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