ESG with CCR

We’re working to reduce the carbon footprint of our events and doing everything we can to highlight and promote sustainability at all levels of event planning and execution. 

Ensuring sustainability is an integral goal of CCR, and this page outlines the steps we’re taking to ensure our event is as environmentally and socially friendly as it can be from a top-line level at Easyfairs, to the venue we use, to the show itself.

Environmental actions

  • Encourage reduced printed event collateral. Each exhibitor has a Touch and Collect scanner for attendees to scan their digital badge, providing the exhibitor with the lead and the attendee with the downloadable marketing materials.    
  • Introduced Sustainable Stand Award. 
  • Educate exhibitors, contractors, and suppliers on reducing the amount of transported materials and making sustainable transportation choices.
  •  ExCeL refillable water points.  
  •  Encourage the use of the CCR app.
  • ExCeL London is 100% committed to tackling the challenges of sustainable development and operating as a responsible corporate entity.
  • ExCeL London contain a worm farm onsite where all food waste goes.
  • CCR will include recyclable carpet on the show floor.

Social actions

  • Ensure diversity and inclusion in all our content programmes and Clinical Advisory board.
  • Actively encourage exhibitors & sponsors to ensure diverse representation and ethical messaging in marketing materials, stands, sessions and on the exhibition floor. 
  • Host CCR afterparty with all profits going to charity.  
  • Ensure users with visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological disabilities or conditions can access content. 
  • Facilitate “get-to-know your colleagues” opportunities e.g. networking and dedicated ‘newcomer’ meet-ups.  
  • Offer and provide free stands to not-for-profit industry associations to support practitioners and the betterment of the industry.  
  • Encourage regular anonymous feedback from attendees and members. Regularly call the community to gain feedback over the phone.   
  • Easyfairs participates in volunteering days.  

Goverance actions

  • Easyfairs walking in London PRIDE march this year.
  • Ensure cybersecurity risk management.
  • Employees’ communication and training on business conduct. commitments.
  • Easyfairs Awarded Delottes Best managed company  award.
  • Ensure risk governance.
  • Ensure data security risk management.
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