SLIMPOINT 30mL * 3vials / box


SLIMPOINT 30mL * 3vials / box


– Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) + Bromelain + Lecithin

– 30mL * 3 vials (Ampoules)

– Injected Area : Double chin, Abdomen, Love handle, Thighs, Shoulders, Arms

– 3 treatments every 1 week

– Storage in room temperature

High concentrated Premium Lipolysis solution.

The cat constituents in fat cells change the composition of the storage form

so that it can be used as an energy source,

thereby reducing the number of fat cells

while also reducing the size of fat to maximize the reduction of fat.

Dismantling fat cells and producing collagen to increase skin elasticity.

It can quickly release decomposed fat cells by facilitating lymphatic circulation,

making them effective in reducing edema and removing cellulite.

– Dismantling fat cells and producing collagen

– Advanced Lipolysis solution

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