LUNULA LASER – Have Beautiful health nails Again. FDA Cleared and CE marked. Rejuvenates nails suffering from all kinds of damage


Lunula is a proven cold low-level laser therapy for nail rejuvenation as well as skin rejuvenation in the surrounding area with no pain, no recovery time, and no side effects.

Lunula works by using a mechanism of photo-chemistry as opposed to thermal lasers which work purely by firing heat into the area and burning away the fungal spores, which is very painful, and time consuming. It combines two unique wavelengths concurrently, a 405nm laser that provides an Antimicrobial effect and a 635nm pulsed laser that stimulates the immune system and regenerates the infected area. Lunula penetrates down as far as the germinal matrix and can treat under the proximal nail fold, which of course you can’t do with a hot laser. The photochemical response delivered by the Lunula is actually similar to the agonist effect exhibited by a certain class of pharmaceutical drugs. Touchless, Painless, Unmanned, in 12-minutes

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