Foundation Training in Cosmetic Dermatology


Foundation Training in Cosmetic Dermatology

All facial rejuvenation starts with the skin. Our one day course, Foundation Training in Cosmetic Dermatology, covers the essentials of skin health and hands-on practice in two key skin rejuvenation techniques: microneedling and chemical peels.

On this course, you will have two hours of pre-course eLearning to establish the theory and science behind skin treatments, and a full day in clinic practising microneedling and chemical peels on live models.

In this Foundation Training course, you will learn:
– How to tailor treatments to your patient’s skin concerns.
– Macroscopic and microscopic anatomy of relevant facial skin layers.
– The mode of action for each treatment learned on this course.
– How to deliver microneedling and chemical peels.
– How to identify and manage any complications and side effects.

Enrol today to learn the essential skin therapy skills that will enable you to have a holistic aesthetic medicine practice.

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