Flawless CE Filler 1mL*2syr / box : HA 20mg/mL


Flawless CE Filler 1mL*2syr / box : HA 20mg/mL

– Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 20mg/mL (Lido 0.3%)

– 1.0mL * 2 syringes

– Fine : Mid dermis ( 27G ½, 30G ½ )

– Deep : Deep dermis ( 27G ½ * 2ea )

– SubQ : Subcutaneous layer ( 25G ½ * 2ea ) – 2 ~ 25 ℃ Storage

Flawless is the world’s first multi-layered phasic filler.

Through sufficient hydration, Flawless has minimized the possibility of edema after injection in accordance with the osmotic pressure and pH concentration of the body.

Flawless is the HA sensitivity filler by Hyaluronidase. The reason for using HA fillers is that they are safe and can be easily removed if correction is needed. Flawless can be removed with 300IU within 2 hours.

We promise a comfortable procedure with minimal pain. It can be treated immediately without additional topical anesthesia. Lidocaine is uniformly mixed by the R-square method to minimize pain during the procedure.

Flawless Fine / Deep / Sub Q with CE certificate

– Premium Multi Layered Filler

– Fine Wrinkle Correction

– Volumizing & Contouring

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