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Skymedic is a Spanish lab founded in 2010 within the MedicalCluster business group, with more than 40 years of history.
Currently, we are leaders in the markets of dermatology, traumatology, aesthetic medicine, and gynecology with more than 50,000 devices installed in more than 28 countries.

In these years of experience, Skymedic has established itself as an R & D laboratory and already has three laboratories for its different product lines.
* Barcelona: Devices and technology.
* Sevilla: Supplements.
* Zaragoza: Cosmetics and injectables.
In Skymedic, in addition to developing and investing in products and own brands, we develop white-label products for other companies.

We inaugurated the Skybioacademy in 2015 to provide technical training and high-level practical training programs to clinics and doctors who have our products, with the aim of ensuring its correct application, the patient’s well-being, knowing the new techniques, and guaranteeing the correct results of the treatment.

In Skymedic we aim to maintain high-quality standards with committed work processes that guarantee the results of our products.



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