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NextMotion provides an evolutive ecosystem to transform your practice into a 100% connected aesthetic activity, with digital & cutting edge technology tools that will help solve the Before & After imaging issues, reassure your patients, simplify your data management and improve your e-reputation.

Rewarded for its highly innovated technology, including :
– Before/after documentation (Dynamic 360° videos, photos, live pictures with perfect reproducibility, and image comparisons)
– 3D, Simulation & AR (Face analysis tools, injection points, mirror mode, dynamic anatomic mask, and augmented reality tools)
– Digitalization (Medical cloud, digital documentation, treatment plans, traceability, cross-devices, digital consents, digital consent forms, quotes and invoices)
– Patient experience (Patients application and platform, health passport, treatment reports, video consultation, live chat and testimonials)
– Marketing (Marketing kit, e-reputation tools, marketing content publication, videos for social media, reviews API, and social media content)
– NextMotion Revolution (One device to simplify your patient journey and create perfect before/after images, 3D and 360° videos automatically)



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Trends Report 2021

ExCeL London | 14 & 15 October 2021

CCR’s all new press conference discussing the industry’s current trends in surgical and non-surgical aesthetics!