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K-Laser UK sells, trains and supports to the medical professionals in Class IV therapeutic, aesthetic and dental lasers. With over 30 years of product research and development it has resulted in the most portable, powerful and clinically validated, diverse range of global leading medical lasers.

K-Laser Blue Derma and K-Laser Blue Dental have three-wavelengths including a highly accurate aesthetic surgical blue 445 nm beam. The additional red and infra-red laser beams target specific chromophores enabling this to be both a therapeutic and pain management aesthetic laser.

445 nm as its main wavelength that has many surgical advantages over traditional Nd-YAG, Erb YAG and CO2 lasers, in speed and accuracy of the surgery, high vascular absorption, and rapid tissue healing with minimal scar formation. 445nm compared to infrared lasers has additional germicidal and antiseptic properties. Combined with the 660 nm and 970 nm laser beams it can penetrate superficial and deep tissue, photobiostimulate both skin and musculoskeletal tissues, providing both surgical, cosmetic and therapeutic properties from the same medical device.
: facial resurfacing, wrinkles and vascular lesions removal, sunspots / melasma, skin biopsies, ablation of lumps and bumps, plus photobiostimulate and rejuvenate skin and deeper tissues, and using the red and infra-red beams reduce acute and chronic pain in both skin and musculoskeletal tissues.

It has many advantages over traditional aesthetic lasers in low maintenance and cost of consumption material, maximum safety, and incredible portability. All surgical and therapeutic components can be sterilised and repeatedly re-used.

Additional heads allow the clinician to perform intra-vaginal cosmetic procedures, endovascular closure of large varicose veins, and facial, body and leg laser lipo-surgery within CQC locations.

The portability and size of the K-Laser Blue allows it to fit easily into any size consult room, however small, but also can be carried between clinics in its protective steel case. Sterilisation of the additional heads is simple, and the blue-tooth technology foot pedal ensures ease of use and set-up flexibility to suit all clinicians operating with it.

Please contact us on info@klaseruk.co.uk or visit our website on www.klaseruk.co.uk


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