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The power of IV drip therapy without the medical procedure.

Liquid Drop Supplements, High-Stability Liposomes absorb via the mucous membrane into the bloodstream within 90 seconds.

Come and visit us at our stand to sample our products and learn more from the founders. We also have a show offer on our “Longevity Range” which includes NAD+, Glutathione & Resveratrol.

One of the hero products in the US is Glutathione, skin health from within. known as the “Fountain of Youth”. A master antioxidant, it is strongly anti-ageing and helps increase collagen production and synthesis, brighten and tighten skin, detoxify and assist innate immune cells in doing their jobs effectively. It also helps recycle vitamin C and other primary antioxidants, which aids the healing and recovery of damaged tissues and reduces oxidative stress. The most popular method of taking Glutathione has been Intravenous Therapy (injection straight into the bloodstream) because the Glutathione molecule is fragile and doesn’t make it through the stomach and the Gastrointestinal Tract (GI) therefore fails to reach the bloodstream when taken orally until now.

HINNAO is not just any other supplement.
The range has been in development since 2013 with one goal in mind – to increase healthspan and lifespan using biotechnology with third party tested bioavailability.
Launched in the UK and Europe just this year, after cornering the US market with its patented delivery mechanism, HINNAO technology has superior bioavailability to tablets and other Liposomal supplements, giving instant absorption in just 90 seconds. How? By using uniformed high-stability lipid particles, which are placed under the tongue in the form of liquid drops and absorb straight into the bloodstream via the mucous membrane in the mouth.

HINNAO Technology tests all products using independent third-party certified laboratories to verify the percentage (%) of drug permeation at specific time intervals. Trials demonstrating the efficacy of these.

The range contains high-stability liposomal NAD+, Glutathione, Resveratrol, Vitamin D + K2, Methyl B12, and Turmeric Curcumin, offering a natural daily dose of the essential nutrients and antioxidants.
The brand uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients for all the products they manufacture, and all products are available gluten-free, corn-and-sugar-free, non-GMO, vegan-friendly, alcohol free and dairy-free.



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