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We are a Swiss pharmaceutical company; bringing a new aesthetic product line to the market: ACTV8SKN®, powered by SIGMOLECS® Technology.
SIGMOLECS® Technology takes the current use of peptides as ingredients in cosmetics a giant step forward.
To give you a quick summary of the underlying technology:
• SIGMOLECS® peptides mimic the action of endogenous signalling molecules to stimulate cellular responses,
• SIGMOLECS® synthetic peptides are stable, highly penetrating, and code for specific cellular actions,
• The stability of the peptides translates to increased bioavailability in the skin.
The line contains three products, so far:
1) The Actuator, a gel for face, neck and décolleté. Using the Actuator is reprogramming the skin turnover at a cellular level. No perfume so gender neutral. Rapid, highly hydrating effect.
2) The eye contour is an anti-age serum; significantly increases elasticity, luminosity, and brightness of the skin and the soothing cucumber extract relives tired skin around the eyes.
3) Lip volumizer. This is a lip-plumping cream that gives immediate and long-lasting results. Contains oligopeptides, hyaluronic acid and hydrolysed collagen for maximum hydration, softness and a full-volume effect.
Our products are non-invasive. They can be used as home therapy or they can enhance the results of aesthetic treatments when used during or post aesthetic applications.
They can also reduce recovery time following invasive procedures like micro-needling, or PRP (through inhibition of inflammation).

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Trends Report 2021

ExCeL London | 14 & 15 October 2021

CCR’s all new press conference discussing the industry’s current trends in surgical and non-surgical aesthetics!