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Collums is the first cloud-based practice management software that allows you to see your ENITRE patient treatment history on the same screen as today’s treatment, even on a tablet! It truly replaces paper notes without losing the detail of previous treatments that you need to plan your next one.

After struggling with software for his clinic, ASKINOLOGY, Dr Askari Townshend set out to create an alternative designed by someone who used the software daily and truly understood the practical difficulties of running a busy clinic.

After 2.5 years in development, Collums was then tested vigorously for seven months of rigorous in ASKINOLLGY ensuring that it was ready for general release. When signing up to Collums, you know that we are in this together – we share the same software code and so stability and security are as important to our clinic as it is to yours.

Collums looks after bookings (including online), notifications, marketing, digital notes, stock control, POS, reporting, staff rotas and leave and much more freeing up your time to concentrate on what you do best!

Collums is the first practice management software in the UK to integrate with Square payments (CEO – Jack Dorsey of Twitter) allowing clinics to safely and securely save card details taken during online booking to enable:

• No show protection – no need for deposits, simply charge the card the pre-agreed amount.
• Take payments from a saved without the need of the card being present.
• Accept all cards and Apple/Google Pay via a wireless glass screen terminal.

“With my old software, there were outages and bugs that prevented me from running my business and interfered with patient care. I could never fully trust what was going to happen next.

The Collums team looked after the migration of my data and was always on hand during the setup. Collums is simple to use and I actually now use the more advanced functions. The payments integration has meant that I no longer need to complicate the booking process with deposits and I’ve finally implemented online booking which saves a huge amount of staff time each day!

Finally, software that saves me time rather than costs me it so I can get on and focus on my patients.”
Dr Nestor, Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre, Best Clinic 2016, Best Clinic Scotland 2019,


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