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Advanced Sedation Ltd

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We provide a professional mobile sedation service for adults and children who need minor or non invasive procedures in both dentistry and in facilities out of hospital.
We have over a 100 dental surgeries using our service and two years ago started to expand our service into the cosmetic arena.
The non-dental procedures we regularly provide sedation for are lipoma removals, keloid removals, circumcisions and J-plasma liposuction.
Sedation saves the operator and the patient money on theatre and anaesthetic fees.
We comply with CQC requirements and national guidelines for conscious sedation.
Once we receive a referral through our online portal we conduct a telephone consultation with the patient and supply the with all the pre and post operative instructions.
On the day of surgery the medically trained sedation expert brings all the equipment and drugs necessary. Additionally we are ALS trained and bring any equipment and drugs needed to deal with any emergency.
We recover our patients ourselves within 1/2 hour after the treatment is complete.
Post operatively our patients get sent feedback forms and this is sent back to the surgery.
The only equipment you would need is an AED and an oxygen cylinder in the unlikely case of an emergency.
We have a specialised paediatric sedation service consisting of an experienced doctor and nurse qualified in PALS and PILS respectively and collectively have plenty of paediatric sedation and recovery experience. The most popular non-dental paediatric procedure needing sedation is circumcisions. Our minimum age is 6 years and minimum patient weight 20kg.


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