Aesthetics Arena

In recognition of this rapidly developing industry, CCR welcomed a brand-new scientific theatre for 2022 – The Aesthetics Arena. Brought the Aesthetics journal to CCR, this fully CPD accredited agenda took our visitors on a journey through treating the full face, with protocols for injecting different areas of facial anatomy.

The Aesthetics Arena is where the latest and greatest non-biased advice on facial rejuvenation procedures took place. With sessions dedicated to each area of the face, our visitors learnt how to sculpt jawlines, transform tear troughs, master mid-face lifts, harmonise the lower face and tighten necks. As well as hearing about innovations in botulinum toxin and discovered how ultrasound could improve your injection technique and aid complication management. 

Aesthetics Arena

Confirmed speakers include...

Miss Rachna Murthy

Professor Jonathan Roos

Dr Raul Cetto

Dr Jeremy Isaac

Dr Souphiyeh Samizadeh

Dr Vincent Wong

Dr Manav Bawa

Dr Bob Khanna

What's on at CCR

With a commitment to the betterment of the aesthetics industry, CCR brings together the aesthetics arena to re-ignite your business in a celebration of inspirational scientific and world-class clinical and business education and innovation. 
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