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Why is personal brand photography so important to your aesthetics business?

Why is personal brand photography so important?

The most important reason for having great photos is that you can show the quality of your service or product, strengthen your brand identity and it helps to attract the right type of patients.

Bespoke photographs give you an authentic visual presence to attract your ideal audience. They are an essential tool that can really support and amplify your marketing efforts, allowing you to instantly communicate your brand and create an impression among target audiences, giving an immediate overview of your style, values, the calibre of services and more!


What should practitioners consider before their shoot?

If you have decided to invest in your business with a brand photoshoot you will want to make the most of your experience.  The marketing aspect is hugely important, as it gives a solid foundation to ensure you get the most out of your brand photos.

Here are the top considerations that I discuss with my client’s to plan out an effective shoot plan:

1. Your brand

Once you know your brand values and identity you can show them clearly in your photos. Having images that present who your business truly is gives an authentic voice to your brand. 

2. Your Strategy

What do you currently offer and will you be having new services or products to promote in the next 6 months? Having images to support your upcoming marketing communications is essential.

3. Your ideal patient

This is all about who you want your images to appeal to. Who is it that is flicking through websites and you want to remember yours from all the others? The person you want to stop scrolling on Instagram when your picture pops up.

Once you’ve done 1-3 we can identify how and where you will be using your images and find creative ways to convey your brand story in a way that will differentiate yourself, establish consistency, and ultimately connect and convert your future patients.

How should images be used post shoot?

The images will have been taken with the end purpose in mind- this leads to the format of the picture. For example, if it is for an advert it may be the shots have plenty of empty space to overlay text. Or if Instagram, then with the intention they will be a square crop.

1. Social Media

This is a hugely important place to show your brand consistently. Regardless of your platform, it may be on Instagram with posts/stories/reels, or on Facebook, or LinkedIn. Even YouTube and podcast cover photos and Pinterest is a great place to share them too.

2. Online guides

If you share guides like workbooks, checklists or support in any format you’ll want to make sure that those fit with your brand style and include shoot images.

3. Website

Whether it is an eye-catching header image on your homepage, visual examples of what they can expect their customer journey to be like with you or your face on your about page.

4. Printed marketing

Again, make sure that your branding is consistent at every patient touchpoint. Using images in the collateral you hand out helps patients to understand what their experience will be.

How can you have a photoshoot remotely?

An alternative to face-to-face photography is a remote photo shoot that would be shot in my studio.

The process is the same as the briefing and shoots concept to be designed around your brand.

For brands, this is a way to show your products off in the best possible way with authentic styling and set design.

And if you are a clinic, you can virtually be there, often with an online consultation approach over a device! Or plenty of photos that are focused on content creation with styled props and elements that connect with your audience.

Both options help you to get noticed by your customers in a way that reflects your brand values.

To learn more about brand photography, or book a free discovery call to discuss how it may suit you, contact Hannah at hello@visiblebyhannah.com ,www.visiblebyhannah.com

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