An exclusive preview into the future of the aesthetics industry with insights from both non-surgical and surgical disciplines. CCR and its multiple industry all-stars in attendance, continues to provide the unrivalled, authoritative voice of the industry.

London, (05/09/2019):

In anticipation of CCR 2019, today we are pleased to unveil a taster of the exclusive news and some of the trailblazing launches lined up from the leaders of the aesthetic community at this year’s show. From new personalised PRP skincare and an explosion of telemedical digital platforms, to a vibrating fat-grafting technique and a pioneering microwave cellulite-busting technology, it’s looking like the future is actually here.

CCR is the only event to unite the surgical and non-surgical communities through the co-location of surgical meetings and we’ve asked our distinguished contributors exactly what is set to drive traffic into clinics and practices nationwide in the coming years.

Now in its 34th year and its 5th year alongside CCR, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) Annual International Conference will take place at CCR. This year, a live debate will see BAAPS take an official stance on the future of Brazilian butt lifts. Will we see the back of them forever? CCR’s dedicated BAAPS Village on the show floor provides an opportunity for exhibitors to network with and target over 450 surgeons showcasing the latest in implants and products.

BAAPS Surgical Trend Predictions

Marc Pacifico, British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons: “Nowadays men have become much more open to aesthetic treatments, in both facial and body areas. The BAAPS conference 2019 is lucky to have some of the world’s leading male plastic surgery experts speaking, with discussion and debate about the latest advances, approaches and challenges we face when trying to deliver the very highest standards of care and results to our patients”

NEW EVL, Expansion Vibration Lipofilling

Male surgical treatments are steadily increasing in number and male body sculpting techniques combining liposuction with fat grafting, to obtain improved definition and contours, are set to cement its incline. With the introduction of NEW expansion vibration lipofilling or EVL developed by BAAPS faculty member, the USA’s Daniel Del Vecchio, the safety profile of fat grafting is radically increased, particularly when fat grafting to the buttocks and breasts.

EVL uses a type of liposuction device known as PAL or power assisted liposuction, which vibrates, to help break up the fat compartments. The vibration also helps to expand the areas to provide more opportunities to graft fat (lipofilling), as well as reduce the force required to either remove fat (liposuction) or graft fat (lipofilling). Early work on the technique is promising, but more studies are on-going to produce evidence about the technique.

Inevitably, there will be different expectations and goals that need to be met for the increasing number of males entering the aesthetics market for treatment. But what is already clear is that the trend for flat tummies is losing out to the desire to have a toned, sculpted overall result.

The Future of Non-Surgical Aesthetics

SoME™ Skincare That’s All You
Aesthetics Biomedical Incorporated’s new personalised topical product for take-home use, SoME™ is a skin rejuvenating product that uses a proprietary blend of ingredients combined with your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), by your physician, to give you a truly personalised cosmetic experience. SoME™ is great for all skin types and does not contain any of the harsh and unnatural alcohols that typical skincare products use such as phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, and other alcohols that are known to dehydrate and dry out the skin. SoME™ uses a botanical preservative, two honeysuckle variants (Lonicera Japonica, Lonicera Caprifolium), to keep SoME™ from degrading and keep it fresh for your everyday use.

NEW Onda BY Deka from Lynton Lasers
The world’s first and only body shaping device to use revolutionary new microwave-based technology: Coolwaves™. As manufacturers of the previously globally-renowned Laserlipolysis® treatment, DEKA has again developed a technology that they claim, “will truly change the way in which all non-surgical body shaping procedures are delivered”. The new ONDA device uses unique Coolwaves™ (microwaves) that bypass the
uppermost layers of skin tissue, helping deliver more energy/heat directly to where it is needed: the subcutaneous fat cells. This helps overcome the issues faced by all other body shaping devices that only use the common radiofrequency technology, as it dramatically reduces the heating of the surface tissue (commonly seen using only RF), resulting in a safer, more effective non-invasive body shaping treatment.

The Onda’s Coolwaves™ technology targets the skins connective tissue to dramatically reduce stubborn cellulite and cause immediate shrinkage and stimulation of the collagen fibres for dramatic skin tightening.

NEW Crisalix

For aiding surgeons in the consultation process, software harnesses unique technology based on the most recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality, that permits the creation of 3D reconstructions of human bodies coupled with the simulation of aesthetic procedures. Surgeons are enabled to show patients their desired results in VR 4D and 3D by using a mobile 3D scanner or 3 standard photos, creating a sense of true personalisation in the consulting process that patients can see. Crisalix is also releasing a new feature that will allow any aesthetic
doctor to assess a patient’s desired facial treatments in real time using Augmented Reality on an iPad acting as a virtual mirror to let the user simulate changes over their face.
“Over the years Crisalix has been increasingly used by surgeons and patients to simulate aesthetic procedures’ results and discuss them online and in real-time, even before an initial “in-person” consultation takes place, thus facilitating the alignment and balancing of each other’s expectations. This has led to a 99% post-procedure satisfaction rate.” –
Frederico Roldao, Crisalix UK Country Manager.

CCR 2019 will deliver the best of the best in content, live  demonstrations, new treatments and education for aesthetic  professionals, all under one roof on the 10th and 11th October 2019 at Olympia, London. Keep ahead of the industry and register to attend today:
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