CCR 2019 to provide an exciting ‘first-look’ into the latest technology shaping the future of the aesthetics industry
London, (19/08/2019):

As the only educational event uniting the surgical and non-surgical communities, CCR continues to be a leader in presenting the latest education in aesthetics for professionals. Primed to be its best year yet, CCR 2019 is excited to present this year the latest in digital health and telemedicine for aesthetics.

CCR Exhibitors in Telemedical
CCR sees the launch of Clever Clinic, a patient manager app from Healthxchange. Free for Healthxchange group customers, Clever Clinic helps with the digitalisation of calendar bookings, the medical consultation, patient consent, prescription ordering, full medical records and more and this handy app can even send out text appointment reminders and links with billing. There are lots of other functions set to launch in the near future so this is only the start.

Steve Joyce, Marketing & Technology Director, Healthxchange Group comments: “Clever Clinic is designed to transform the patient experience by providing a streamlined process using the latest technology. Advances in digital health platforms are not only an exciting outlook for patient care but it’s also the future outlook in aiding practitioners. Clever clinic provides the future of patient management in practitioner business.” 

EV, launching October 2019, is a new online platform developed by leading aesthetics experts in the UK, and will operate to aid practitioners by positioning bookings, consultations, marketing, and CRM all in one convenient location. Using a custom-built search function, EV enables new clients to locate practitioners whether searching by treatment, concern, address or expert. An online booking function will additionally enable a practitioner to instantly accept appointments and hold virtual consultations via its secure platform.

“The medical aesthetics market is worth over $10 billion globally and is projected to reach over $17 billion within the next five years. Despite the positive outlook for the aesthetics industry, most practitioners only access around seven per cent of the customers they could attract due to a lack of online reach and know-how. This is where EV comes in.” Raffi Eghiayan, Founder and Director of EV.

With a focus in skincare, Harley is new a technology platform designed to empower practitioners to sell skincare to patients in a more efficient and personalised way. After delivering consultation via clinic or online, practitioners are able to enter a patient’s recommended product regimen directly into the Harley platform. Patients can opt for home delivery of the products and will be provided continued assistance in automated prompts to re-purchase the regime before its scheduled conclusion. Harley also provides practitioners free access to its online consultation platform which can diarise online appointments, accept consultation charges, and set up video conferences with patients.

“It is evident that consumers are transacting more and more online, with the internet expected to account for over half of retail sales in 10 years’ time, up from about a fifth at present, as younger people who have grown up with the internet become more than half the UK’s adult population. This applies as much to physical skincare products as it does professional or medical advice, both of which underpin the aesthetic and dermatology industry. Harley’s technology empowers skincare practitioners to benefit from this megatrend of digitalisation. Our partner practitioners can now provide their customers with the option of purchasing and more crucially, repurchasing cosmeceutical products online while preserving the essence of expert guidance from their practitioner. With our online consultation service, our partner practitioners can meet consumers online anytime, anywhere and meet the growing demand from those who prefer getting skin advice virtually.” – Charmaine Chow, Founder of Harley.

Developed by aesthetic surgeons, Clinical CAM is a new app allowing practitioners to take clinical pictures safely with consent within digital regulatory guidelines. Clinical CAM aids aesthetic practitioners in giving the user the ability to take pre-treatment, intraoperative and post–treatment comparative pictures within a patient consented and GDPR compliant platform. Patients may also opt to receive their pictures, in addition to consent and data protection policies as requested. Clinical CAM also enables a unique feature of automatically deleting all imaging within a specific timeframe so pictures are never stored on the user’s phone.

I am a consultant surgeon in the UK and have always promoted digital innovation within my practice. I often take outpatient and intra-operative pictures with written patient consent for clinical record keeping and to teach medical staff. Some time ago I thought that there must an easier way to take clinical pictures whilst at the same time protecting patients and health practitioners…. I thus developed “Clinical CAM” so I could make use of current smartphone technology to facilitate the consent process of taking clinical pictures safely. I am very proud of this App as it protects both the health practitioner and the patient, and keeps within current data protection guidelines.” – Rakesh Bhardwaj, Founder of Clinical CAM.

Fvce, launching September 2019, is a single unified platform, empowering patients to select their practitioner by comparing them based on price, reviews, location, experience and portfolio. Customers will be able to search through a directory of practitioners to make an informed decision regarding their treatment. Fvce will also offer a direct line of messaging between patient and practitioner enabling an option to tailor a bespoke treatment plan ahead of the face to face consultation.

“There is a growing trend to merge the online world with the health & services industry. The aesthetics industry is one, however, that has largely lagged behind being brought into the new age. Similar to the effect of e-commerce, in the next 10-15 years, expect more sectors of the health and services industry to become completely digitised. Those businesses slow to adapt will be playing catchup.”- Dr Hussain Cheema, Co-Founder and Director of Fvce.

For aiding surgeons in the consultation process, Crisalix software harnesses unique technology based on the most recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality, that permits the creation of 3D reconstructions of human bodies coupled with the simulation of aesthetic procedures. Surgeons are enabled to show patients their desired results in
VR 4D and 3D by using a mobile 3D scanner or 3 standard photos, creating a sense of true personalisation in the consulting process that patients can see
. Crisalix is also releasing a new feature that will allow any aesthetic doctor to assess a patient’s desired facial treatments in real time using Augmented Reality on an iPad acting as a virtual mirror to let the user simulate changes over their face.

“Over the years Crisalix has been increasingly used by surgeons and patients to simulate aesthetic procedures’ results and discuss them online and in real-time, even before an initial “in-person” consultation takes place, thus facilitating the alignment and balancing of each other’s expectations. This has led to a 99% post-procedure satisfaction rate.” Frederico Roldao, Crisalix UK Country Manager.

Dermatica, the UK’s first teledermatology platform that delivers clinical skincare in-home, will also be represented this year at CCR with consultant dermatologist, Dr Natalia Spierings, leading a discussion on ‘what’s new in the treatment of melasma: an update’ during The Skin Agenda.

About CCR: Raising industry standards by continuing to carefully select its industry partners, CCR has become a leading educational event in the aesthetics field. CCR offers free CPD certified conferences curated to deliver learning and guidance to practitioners at all levels and with a range of specialities and
interest, covering topics from dermatology and injectables, clinic and practice management and promotion, and beginning in aesthetics.

Through the co-location of surgical meetings, CCR also unites the surgical and non surgical aesthetic communities. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) Annual International Conference will be taking place at CCR for its 5th year, in addition to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) Symposium UK will be occurring the next day.

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